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EnroWiki : RevuesPhytosanitaire

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Revues principales en protection des plantes

Revues principales

- BioControl external link
- Crop Protection external link
- Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection external link
- Pest Management Science external link
- Pesticide Science external link
- Phytoma - La Défense des végétaux external link
- Phytoprotection external link
- Plant Health Progress external link
- Pesticide Outlook external link
- Plant Protection Science external link

Revues de phytopathologie ou entomologie agricole

- Australasian Plant Pathology external link
- European Journal of Plant Pathology external link
- Journal of Pest Science external link
- Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions external link
- Molecular Plant Pathology external link
- Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology external link- Plant Pathology external link
- Phytopathology external link
- Plant Disease external link
- Plant Pathology Journal external link

Autres revues évoquant occasionnellement la protection des plantes

- Agronomy for Sustainable Development external link
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